Increasing the size of the Senedd / Cynyddu Maint y Senedd

Senedd expansion

Welsh Labour & Plaid Cymru have come to an agreement which seeks to increase the size of the Senedd by more than 50%, from 60 current Members to 96 Members following the next election.


Mae Llafur Cymru a Phlaid Cymru wedi dod i gytundeb i geisio cynyddu maint y Senedd o fwy na 50%, o’r 60 aelod presennol i 96 aelod ar ôl yr etholiad nesaf.


Senedd Expansion

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  • Arolwg ehangu’r Senedd - Cymraeg
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1)Do you believe that Wales needs more politicians?
2) Do you support Welsh Labour & Plaid Cymru’s proposal to impose quotas on parties to nominate equal numbers of men and women as Senedd candidates?
3) Do you understand the concept of “Zipping” in terms of party candidate lists?
4) The process of “Zipping” would require parties to nominate one man, followed by one women and so on (or vice versa), on their list of candidates. Is this something you believe would help elect the most capable individuals?
5) Do you think that having different constituency boundaries for Westminster and Welsh Parliament will confuse the electorate?
6) Given that last year’s Senedd election saw a turn out under 50% do you believe that these proposals will make voting more attractive?
8) These proposals are expected to cost roughly £75 million over the next five years, do you believe this is an appropriate use of public money, especially given the cost of living crisis we are facing?
9) Should the estimated spend of £75 million be redirected for use in supporting public services and the economy?
10) Do you support the Welsh Labour & Plaid Cymru’s proposals to have more politicians in the Welsh Parliament?
11) Should there be a referendum on these proposals?