Aberconwy AM Calls for an Emergency Fund to help Cash Crippled Schools

Schools across Wales are facing a financial crisis as the Welsh Government continues to underfund councils through annual settlements. Janet Finch-Saunders, as the Shadow Minister for Children and Young People, has been fighting for fairer funding, and has now spoken out in anger at the Welsh Government’s refusal to set up and emergency fund for schools teetering on the edge.


Janet said:  


“There is a classroom cash crisis in our educational system across Wales.


“For example, Conwy is to see a 3.2% cut as a result of such a poor Welsh Government settlement for 2019/20.


“Whilst Kirsty Williams AM, Education Minister, continues to be in denial, teachers, parents, and children know the reality. Indeed, last Saturday hundreds joined together to fight for our children’s future.


“It is fact that their education is under threat. Leaders in education are saying this, such as the seven secondary school head teachers here in Conwy who have explained that any further cuts will result in consideration being given to increasing classes sizes, making teachers and assistants redundant, and reducing support for children and young people with additional learning needs.


“This crisis is unsustainable, so I used this week’s Questions to the First Minister to call for an emergency fund to be set up to help cash crippled schools.


“Astonishingly, the Welsh Government refused.  Indeed, they are satisfied to continue spending more than £600 less per pupil than the Government spends in England.  When considering that for every £1 spent there, £1.20 is sent here, there really is no justification as to why an emergency fund cannot be established to help the schools most in need.


“I will not accept this refusal, so have already responded to the Welsh Government asking for reconsideration of my proposal”. 






Questions to the First Minister (answered by Lesley Griffiths AM): Cyllid Addysgol Educational Funding (5/3/19)


Written Assembly Question:


Following Questions to the First Minister this week, will the Minister reconsider her refusal to create an emergency fund to help schools facing financial crisis?




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