Aberconwy AM urges respect of the Countryside Code to protect selfless Welsh Farmers

Janet Finch-Saunders AM/AC, Member for Aberconwy, today (8 April) urges residents to respect the Countryside Code to support the ‘health and well being’ of Welsh farmers.  

The Farmers’ Union of Wales has said that it has received an influx of calls from farmers about members of the public walking across farmland, leaving gates open and letting their dogs run free.  

The FUW is appealing to people, especially dog walkers, to follow Government rules: 

  • Do not travel - always exercise close to your home. 
  • Be vigilant with hand washing - gates, stiles and other outdoor structures are touched regularly. 
  • Do not undertake new or risky activities. 
  • Follow the Countryside Code - consider farmers who are working hard to keep our shelves stocked and infrastructure running. 
  • Keep dogs on leads. 

In her statement, Mrs Finch-Saunders said: 

“Our selfless farmers are working tirelessly to meet an increase in consumer demand, rapidly orientating to meet the immediate needs of our supermarkets and corner shops. 

“As Welsh farmers continue to dedicate themselves to feeding the nation, we must stand ready to offer our support. We can do this by respecting the land which is both their home and workplace. 

“I have been informed that many of Wales’ farmers fall into the vulnerable category. This means that they will be self-isolating whilst also tending to livestock. 

“By following the Countryside Code, we can ensure the health and safety of these agricultural heroes. 

“I would also like remind us all to eat local. By backing our Welsh farmers during this perilous period – whether lamb or poultry, dairy or crop – we can financially support those who are working hardest to safeguard our nutritional well being.  


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