AM Leads Campaign for Bus Service Return

Following the decision by Arriva Buses Wales to divert the number 12 bus away from Bryn-y-Bia road, Llandudno, Janet Finch-Saunders, Assembly Member for Aberconwy, is pleased to be working with local residents and Arriva to see the service return to Penrhyn-Side.


After the site meeting with concerned residents and Arriva, Janet said:


“I am grateful that Arriva is cooperating with us, and sent a representative to hear concerns and see the terrain.


“What the decision to divert the bus along Colwyn road has meant is that residents in Penrhyn-Side are having to walk up and down extremely steep hills to catch a bus.


“There are many older people in the area, and some have already been deterred from using public transport because of this change.


“Alongside contributing to isolation, I fear that the change in route is having a negative impact on businesses in Penrhyn-Side too, with them having become less accessible than before.  


“Whilst I appreciate that the route is serviced by the 14 and 15 during the core part of Monday to Saturday, I am aware that the reduction in evening and lack of Sunday services remains a major problem.


“At the end of the day, I believe that it would be economical to have the bus running along Bryn-y-Bia road again. It is only slightly longer than using the Colwyn road route, and would mean that the bus can use three additional stops in each direction”.





Janet at the site meeting with Mr Keith Anglesea, Arriva Buses Wales, and concerned local residents.