Carers’ Week 2020: ‘Now, more than ever, we must value our carers’

Janet Finch-Saunders MS – the Shadow Minister for Social Care – has a special message for all carers during Carers’ Week 2020. She said:

“Week in, week out, carers in Wales do an amazing job for family, friends, and neighbours. In many cases, a normal life would be very hard to have without the support and assistance they give.

“But Carers’ Week 2020 falls amid quite exceptional times. 

“The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has touched all our lives, some forever. There are few positives to take from the pandemic, but the true value of carers in our communities is one thing we should always remember, and take heart from.

“On behalf of the Welsh Conservatives, thank you carers; now, more than ever, we value all that you do.”