Carers’ Week 2020: A tribute to Wales’ unpaid and young carers.

The Welsh Conservative’s Shadow Minister for Social Care has today (11 June) further marked Carers' Week 2020 by paying tribute to the nation’s army of unpaid and young carers. Speaking to highlight their work, Janet said:

“During Carers' Week 2020, I wish to pay tribute to Wales’ army of unpaid and young carers.

“These unpaid champions work tirelessly to lovingly care for their nearest and dearest. It is estimated that 79% of unpaid carers in Wales provide care for their loved ones, many picking up an additional 11 hours of unpaid care per week.

“Meanwhile, our young carers have a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Often having to juggle their education and employment alongside their caring opportunities, we must do more to prevent these selfless individuals from mental burnout.

“Carers’ Week 2020 has fallen amid quite exceptional times. On behalf of the Welsh Conservatives, thank you carers; now, more than ever, we value all that you do.”