Questions to the Minister for Finance

2. Will the Minister make a statement on medium-term financial planning arrangements within the Welsh Government finance portfolio? OAQ(4)0407(FIN) 

Credit Unions

14. What is the Welsh Government doing to promote membership of credit unions in Wales? OAQ(4)0168(CTP)

The Natural Environment

13. Will the Minister make a statement on the role of Natural Resources Wales in protecting the natural environment, particularly when planning applications threaten it? OAQ(4)0150(NRF)

Welsh Food & Drink

6. Will the Minister provide an update on his plans to promote Welsh food and drink? OAQ(4)0151(NRF)

Financial Literacy

 Janet Finch-Saunders; What steps is the Minister taking to ensure that financial literacy is available for all those within the education system in Wales? OAQ(4)0414(ESK)