COVID-19 Testing: Health Minister and Deputy admit concern over residents receiving social care in their own homes

The Welsh Conservatives’ Shadow Minister for Social Care – Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has seen the Welsh Health Minister admit that “on domiciliary care, on your final question, it's of particular concern to me and to the Deputy Minister”.

The comment was made in response to Mrs Finch-Saunders’s request during Plenary that the Minister explain why there is no COVID-19 monitoring or data being collected on those receiving social care in their own homes.

Speaking after the Minister acknowledged concerns about domiciliary care, Janet said:

“Domiciliary care is provided to some of the most vulnerable people in communities across Wales.

“Over ten weeks on since the beginning of lockdown it is scandalous that no data is being collated and made available on the number tests of domiciliary care staff and their clients. This appears to be a forgotten part of our society, placing those receiving and providing the care at risk.

“For the Health Minister to admit to me that this is something that he, his deputy, and the Welsh Local Government Association is worried about highlights the seriousness of the situation.

“There is an issue about transmission of COVID-19, and urgent steps are needed to protect key workers and people dependent on care in their own homes.

“I have repeatedly urged Welsh Ministers to ensure that equality of testing prevails, regardless of setting or community size. It is about time that the Welsh Government did much more to test and protect domiciliary care staff and patients”.