Dilnot Commission must be recognised in Wales

The Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services was today put on the spot by Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Shadow Minister for Social Services.


Janet commented on the provisions of social care across Wales: “There is too much variability across Wales in the performance, standard and quality of social services and they are facing real and unsustainable increases in demand.”


The Welsh Government previously published a White Paper stating that “The Dilnot Commission on how we all pay for care will require significant decisions by Welsh Ministers.”


Now that the Dilnot Commission has reported, Janet demanded action to be taken by the Welsh Government. The Commission made strong recommendations on funding social care for adults in England and people in Wales face similar issues with their social care funding, especially in the face of cuts to the social care budget.


Janet grilled the Deputy Minister over what actions were to be taken to recognise the recommendations of the Dilnot report. She asked: “When will we see ‘these significant decisions’? When can we expect a statement from the Welsh Government detailing how they will respond to the Dilnot Commission?”


These questions forced a response from the Deputy Minster, who said that she agreed that social care in Wales was inconsistent. However, she avoided giving an answer on when the Welsh Government will be making the ‘significant decisions’ promised by the Government on the Dilnot Comission.


Janet Finch-Saunders AM will continue to lobby for an answer on this matter.