Finch-Saunders Secures 4G 4 Ysbyty Ifan

EE is to provide 4G to the Ysbyty Ifan area ‘in the near future’.  This follows concerns having been raised by Janet Finch-Saunders, Assembly Member for Aberconwy, about the lack of mobile signal in and around the village, and the negative impact it is having on both residents and the economy.


Commenting on EE’s promise, Janet said:


“There is no reason why rural communities should not be benefiting from modern technology.


“In fact, residents and businesses in these areas have a greater need for services such as superfast and mobile signal as they are usually far away from public facilities and urban centres.


“This is exactly the case for Ysbyty Ifan, so I have been pleased to make the argument for mobile signal in the area.


“I welcome the commitment EE has made to me that 4G will be provided in the near future, and am looking forward to receiving more information about the two new 4G sites that will be added to the West of the village.


“The promise should see improved download/upload speeds, reduced latency, crystal clear voice calls, and therefore Aberconwy moving a step closer towards combating rural isolation”.






Janet’s letter to the Director of Policy and Public Affairs


Response from the Executive Customer Resolution Team


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