Flood Alleviation Works Planned for Llanrwst

Funding has been secured to commence flood alleviation works for the Perthi and Y Berllan estates in Llanrwst.  The works are expected to commence during the summer months if a housing association agrees.

The news comes after over a year of work by Janet Finch-Saunders, Member of the Welsh Parliament, on the serious flooding encountered by both estates in March 2019 and February this year.

Commenting on the development, Janet said:

“Since the serious flooding in Llanrwst and surrounding areas in March 2019, I have been working tirelessly to try and reduce the risk to homes and businesses.

“This has included trying to help protect the Perthi and y Berllan estates in Llanrwst.

“Immediately after the flooding a few months ago, I went to see a number of residents and witnessed first-hand the horrendous devastation that had been caused.

“They should not have to go through such a trial again.

“I welcome the fact that Conwy County Borough Council has responded positively to the concerns I raised about the amount of time it was taking to implement positive changes following the March 2019 event, and that a grant has now been secured from the Welsh Government.

“Whilst I have not seen the plans, I encourage the relevant housing association to agree as soon as possible.

“The reality is that we have no idea when the next storm and deluge may be, so the sooner the works are started the better.

“My priority is protecting people’s homes and businesses, but that it has taken over a year and more than one major flood event to reach this point really does highlight that the Welsh Government needs a more efficient system for awarding funding to initiate emergency works”.




  • Response to the Member by Conwy County Borough Council



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