Hope for the Housing Market in Wales

The Welsh Government has responded positively to the urgent letter sent to Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister, highlighting that he can open up the housing market imminently. In response to the letter written by Janet Finch-Saunders, Member of the Welsh Parliament for Aberconwy, the office of the First Minister have advised in writing that the Member’s correspondence has been passed on to colleagues who are dealing with the review of lockdown measures so that her views can be taken into account.

Commenting on the response, Janet said:

“I was honest with the First Minister in my letter. Whilst acknowledging that moving or viewing a home is not appropriate if the individual poses a direct risk of transmitting Covid-19, this does not mean that the market has to remain locked up.

“In fact, the UK Government has developed a strong framework which the Welsh Government could replicate so to open up the sector safely.

“Law and guidance are often changed to reflect the views of society at the time.  Here in Wales it has been found that the percentage of people only leaving their homes for essential trips has fallen to 59%, estate agents and lawyers are calling for valuers to be allowed into unoccupied properties, and some people are considering carrying out viewings and listings despite lockdown rules.

“I welcome the fact that the team reviewing the lockdown are taking my views into account now.  It gives a glimmer of hope for the housing market here in Wales”.



  • Response from the Welsh Government



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