Press release " Another level of expensive bureaucracy"

Super councils could create ‘another level of expensive bureaucracy’

Commenting on proposals for four new ‘super councils’ within a Welsh Local Government Association discussion paper, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:

“I fear any move towards the creation of super councils could create only another level of expensive bureaucracy.

“The current maze of routes forward – coupled with on-going uncertainty - has left councils across Wales in limbo.

“It is Labour’s First Minister who should take a lead on this hugely significant issue.

“With his initial timeframe shot – and estimated costs in disarray – communities across Wales will rightly be asking for leadership and decisive action.

“Welsh families have already seen their council tax rise by 150% under Labour and it would be unfair to see bills rise even further to pay for bureaucratic changes which don’t deliver improved services.”