Proposed council reforms will “foster unease”

Commenting on the Welsh Government’s proposals for public service reform, Shadow Minister for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:


"These proposals raise concerns over the Minister’s ultimate intentions and will inevitably foster unease in local government.


"Greater collaboration, sharing services and seeking the best models for efficiency are crucial – but the Welsh Labour government cannot be allowed to radically reorganise our councils by veiled means.


"This is a classic example of local government being undermined and I question the respect that councils are being shown by the Minister.


"The future of our public services should be properly debated and while local authorities should be given every opportunity to be involved in those discussions, we also need a much wider consultation that gives everyone a say.


"This Cardiff-centric government fails to understand that a strong local democracy is crucial right across Wales – not just around the capital."