£1million “Financial Drain” in Llandudno Junction

Following scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance resulting in Janet Finch-Saunders, Assembly Member for Aberconwy, uncovering the fact that the Welsh Government building in Llandudno Junction has costed just under £1million in maintenance costs from 2015 to 2018, Janet has spoken of her shock and disappointment that the Welsh Government has tied the Welsh public up in such a “financial drain”.

Janet said:

“During a time when budgets are being cut, and every penny has to be spent carefully and reasonably, the fact that almost a million has been spent on maintaining the Welsh Government office in Llandudno Junction over the last three years will be shocking to many.

“What makes this even worse is the fact that around 55% of the money was spent on repairs and replacements.  The offices were officially opened just eight years ago – in 2010, on the site of the former Hotpoint factory site, so I am left wondering why a £175,000 is already being spent annually on repairs and replacements.

“The Auditor General for Wales previously found that the Welsh Government may have wasted millions of pounds in their relocation strategy. Of course – we want government to be accessible, and brought closer to communities across Wales, but it must provide value for money at the same time. Clearly, this monstrous building is a financial drain on tax payers money, and highlights the fact a review is needed of spending by the Welsh Government on its own estate.”



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