REVEALED: Where most fly-tipping occurs in Conwy

REVEALED: Where most fly-tipping occurs in Conwy


Fly-tipping incidents continue to be a preventable nuisance across the country, and Janet Finch-Saunders AM has expressed concern that too much waste is being dumped on public and private land in the Conwy County Borough.


Janet said:


“Far and away, the majority of fly-tipping incidents occur on council land, and it’s concerning to note the 120% increase in such incidents over the last recorded year.

“Highways and back alleys are the second and third most common dump sites – where people think they might get away with discarding their waste.


“Concerning, too, are the figures for such incidents on private land – where the perpetrators are also trespassing illegally; and on footpaths and bridleways, where waste can cause a real danger to walkers, riders and horses.


“Fly-tipping can be extremely hazardous, not to mention an eyesore – and the penalties for dumping rubbish illegally can range from a fine to prison time.”





Full table – data available at: [Last updated Mar 2018, next update Nov 2018]