A tribute to Mohammad Asghar MS

I am extremely saddened and, indeed, shocked by the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Oscar. The pain and grief Firdaus and Natasha now face on the loss of such a wonderful man is unimaginable. However, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Now, I sat next to Oscar in the Chamber, and there was never a dull moment. I will always remember his participation in the many speeches, such as only last week, in which he so enthusiastically contributed. There were his many other heartfelt contributions, especially at our Welsh Conservative Party conferences, where he always stood up and spoke up loud and proud for Wales, the United Kingdom, its people and our Queen.

Now, throughout this lock down period, he has kept me smiling on social media. He has clapped for carers. He taught us how to make Dalgona coffee and his special breakfast. He showed us his morning exercise routine, and he learned British Sign Language. Earlier this month, however, he shared an important message, that racism should end. Thank you, Oscar. You will never be forgotten. Keep smiling; you leave a legacy behind that we should all be proud to follow. Diolch.

For a video of Janet's tribute to Mohammad Asghar MS, please click here.