Welsh Government scores own-goal with short sighted policy on coaching sessions

The Welsh Conservatives’ Shadow Minister for Children and Young People – Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has written to the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, to ask for a scientific explanation as to why the nation’s young people cannot access socially-distanced coaching lessons.

As of 22 June, certain restrictions on the use of outdoor sports courts have been lifted, though social distancing rules must be maintained. The regulations against contact or team sports also remain in place. The change marked a pivotal moment for the nation’s Olympic and Paralympic Games hopefuls, who are now authorised to resume their training programmes.

Speaking of the situation, Janet said:

“I welcome those changes that can allow our elite athletes to access facilities and coaching support for the purposes of undertaking training, across Wales and the rest of the UK. However, these elite athletes would not have reached their high standard without years of practice and hard work.

“I am extremely concerned that the decision to only allow elite athletes to train is short sighted. I have been contacted by a number of young, talented, sporting enthusiasts who have been prevented from being able to undertake their usual activities.

“If our children are allowed to attend school and visit shops with their parents, the Deputy Minister must explain the science that is preventing them from attending a socially distanced 1-1 coaching session or small non-contact football group.

“We have a wealth of young sporting talent across Wales. Promotion of sport is important for our children’s personal development, building confidence and reaffirming teamwork skills. I ask the Welsh Government to look again at the rules preventing safe access to sport coaching sessions for our young people."


Picture: By Connor Coyne, Unsplash

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