“Welsh Labour are forcing musical education into a minor key”

Following the news that funding might be pulled from Conwy Music Service next year, Janet has challenged the Welsh Government for creating a situation in which music education is in threat, and has promised to fight for all our young people.


Janet said:


“The Conwy Music Service is an asset to children and young people here in Conwy.


“It is the main local platform through which musical talent can thrive.  For example, currently the service runs an afterschool senior orchestra, junior orchestra, big band, and woodwind, string, and guitar groups.


“This service and others like it across Wales form a key role in maintaining our nation’s proud and positive musical reputation – nurturing the next generation of performers, composers, and individuals with skills fit for any workplace.


“Disgracefully, the Welsh Government are forcing authorities across Wales to consider cutting funding to musical services even further.


“This is particularly true here as despite the fact that Westminster will be sending the Welsh Government an additional £550million over the next few years, and a promise having been made by Cardiff Bay that local government would be at the front of the queue for funds, Conwy Council is facing a 1% cut.


“Welsh Labour are forcing musical education into a minor key. 


“Undeterred, I have started challenging the First Minister, and look forward to working with Conwy to try and protect the fantastic opportunities it currently has on offer to young people”.




Written Assembly Question:


Will the First Minister make a statement on the future of musical services provided by local authorities across North Wales, and ensure that funding is allocated to them so that the musical opportunities currently available to young people are protected from cuts?