Welsh Labour Government must do more for Social Care

Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Shadow Minister for Social Services, today slammed the Welsh Labour Government’s action over Direct Payments. Latest figures show that of over 150,000 people receiving support in Wales, only 2,460 are receiving Direct Payments.


Commenting on the Sustainable Social Services for Wales paper, Cllr Finch-Saunders AM welcomed the proposals but warned that “despite talking a good talk, the Welsh Labour Government is not doing enough.


“It is evident that with an ever-increasing demand for Social Services, combined with an increasing population age, that we have to radically look at the… mechanisms of our service delivery.


“We need to empower individuals requiring care to make their own choices over the care they receive.


“Many patients who are stuck in hospitals could be living at home with the right social care support. Hospitals should not be seen as a long-term ‘place of safety’ or first resort for those in need of care in Wales when this can be provided in their own home.


“I call on the government to further promote personalised budgets for those needing social care in the form of Direct Payments.”


Janet also stressed the “need to develop an effective system of checks on those employed as carers using Direct Payments to ensure that the security of those receiving care is not compromised.”