Would these proposals stop flooding in Llanrwst

Original by Allan George, North Wales Pioneer - https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/17566277.would-these-proposals…

A NUMBER of practical proposals to deal with Llanrwst’s flooding problems have been made by residents.


The proposals came forward at a public meeting in the town last week arranged by Janet Finch-Saunders AM. Earlier in the week Llanrwst town council had called for a long term solution to the flooding.

The proposals included clearing blocked culverts; the provision of more sandbags, better maintenance of gullies and drains, and clearing them of silt.

Residents also highlighted issues which add to flooding problems including the railway between Parc yr Eryr and the Conwy River acting a dam, holding water between the track and into the nearby housing estate; the strength of the dam at Cowlyd lake; a pinch point by Dolgarrog bridge where there seems to be an island of silt; the speed at which the water comes off the mountains and reaching communities such as Dolwyddelan.

Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “Clearly, there are issues from mountain top to estuary, which means consideration needs to be given not only to the Conwy River, but all tributaries, and drains. Common sense ideas have come forward, such as the authorities doing more to ensure drains, culverts, and streams are not blocked.

“The idea of dredging the river was very popular, and would seem to be most helpful at locations like Dolgarrog bridge.

“Interesting suggestions were made including how the restoration of the railway line by Parc yr Eryr might benefit from being built on stilts or above pipes to tackle trapped water. There was also talk about widening the Conwy River and the relocation of the embankments between Llanrwst and Tal y Cafn.

Previously Llanrwst town council considered the flooding. A spokesman said the council unanimously agreed: “There is a real need to determine and implement an effective, long term and sustainable solution to flooding in the whole of the Conwy valley.”