Call for fair and timely local democracy for Ynys Mon

Welsh Conservatives today called on the Local Government Minister to stop dithering over whether to postpone this year’s elections on Ynys Mon.


Shadow Minister for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, has branded any potential delay as ‘draconian’.


"Despite repeated calls to restore some transparent and accountable local democracy to the electors of Ynys Mon, the Minister still refuses to accept that they have a right to choose their own locally elected representatives. This, at a time when local government elections will be taking place in every other Welsh constituency.


"While I support the introduction of Commissioners at the Council, this should not prevent electors going to the polls there next May, along with the rest of Wales. To deny the residents of Ynys Mon the same opportunity of freedom of choice is tantamount to top-down Welsh Government interference and I would strongly oppose such draconian measures.


"I have every confidence that the residents and electors of Ynys Mon will return a good selection of able and competent councillors from across the political spectrum to represent their ideals and requirements. It is now time for the Minister to make an announcement supporting this move."