CHC closures ‘unacceptable’

Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders AM has called on the Minister for Health and Social Services to explain the actions of the Welsh Government in the sudden closing of the Llandudno Community Health Council (CHC) a few months ago without consultation.


Janet has asked the Minister to provide the justification for this closure and to demonstrate how North Wales CHCs can remain accessible to all.


Janet voiced her concern over the refusal of the Minister to conduct the review of CHCs promised by her predecessor.


Janet said: “Following the closure of the Llandudno CHC, the nearest office to my constituency is now in Bangor. This is unacceptable.


“The opportunity for people to be able to engage with their health services is essential. CHCs represent the interests of the public in the health service and cutting back on them severely affects their ability to properly represent the concerns of local people.”


Following the closure of many CHCs, there are now only two offices left in the North Wales region – in Bangor and Wrexham.


Janet said: “I will push for increased accountability of health services and better, more accessible services. The public must be able to have their say over how their local services are run. I await answers from the Minister for Health and Social Services and will continue to fight for better health service provisions for the people of Aberconwy.”