COVID-19: Shadow Minister for Children & Young People praises actions of teachers, child-minders, carers & guardians

Janet Finch-Saunders AM/AC, the Shadow Minister for Children & Young People, said today (March 25):

“In this first week of Wales-wide school closures, I would like to commend the extraordinary work of our teachers, child-minders, carers and guardians; public servants who have all toiled tirelessly to ensure that the children of key-workers remain safe and happy.  

“The support these professions currently offer our front-line NHS and social care staff is immeasurable and most welcomed at this difficult time.

“I also commend their continued commitment to ensure that work and activities are readily available for those students that must remain at home.

“Leading from the front, many now wish to emulate their community spirit. I have been touched by the number of constituents who have contacted my office to offer their time and assistance to at-risk neighbours.

“To lend a hand, please call Conwy Country Borough Council on 01492 575544 or apply through the survey on my website.

"I would like to reiterate that, presently, continued communication is paramount. I ask that we all take a moment from our day to phone or video-call those at-risk neighbours or family members to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable.