COVID-19: Shadow Social Care Minister praises carers, urges people to adhere to new rules

Janet Finch-Saunders AM/AC, the Shadow Social Care Minister, said today (March 24):

"Be in no doubt that, by following the new rules and staying at home, you will save lives. 

"By adhering to the new measures announced last night by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we can help safeguard an already overstretched social care system.

"This means that our superb carers will be able to concentrate on serving those most in need and most at risk.

"I would like to commend the extraordinary effort of our social workers, residential home carers, domiciliary care workers, and nursing home staff over the past few weeks.

"Your selfless acts of kindness and compassion are an example to us all and most welcomed at this difficult time.

"I continue to liaise with the Welsh Government, doing whatever it takes to make social care a special case for support. I welcome the emergency recruitment drive to encourage Wales’ former social care professionals to return to work, and continue to push for quick and easy access to testing for carers.

"I have been touched by the number of constituents who have contacted my office to offer their time to call elderly and disabled neighbours.

"At this time, continued communication is paramount. I ask that we all take a moment from our day to phone or video-call those at-risk neighbours or family members to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable.