LDP faces challenge

Assembly Member and County Councillor Janet Finch-Saunders was delighted with the outcome of the Special Council meeting held yesterday to discuss and debate the housing projection figures of the Local Development Plan.


She said; “For years, the Conservative Group have expressed concern and argued strongly that the figures were not sustainable, unrealistic and detrimental to the County as a whole.


“We have stated that the number of new-build houses proposed under the plan was too high for the needs of Conwy and would potentially threaten local services and culture.” 


Janet, who instigated the Special Meeting, said: “The housing needs projections used in the plan are based on out-dated information obtained during the housing boom and not in line with current trends.


 “Throughout the many meetings I have attended concerning the Conwy LDP the strong message from the Welsh Government has been that that they would reject a lower figure. Yet only recently First Minister Carwyn Jones said that Local Authorities are responsible for the housing allocations in their own LDPs.


“I believe that in addition to the decisions made yesterday Conwy County Borough Council must start the ball rolling now by seeking to obtain projection figures that better reflect the real need. This must be done as soon as possible, as by March 2012 the plan will be submitted to the planning inspector at which there will be a point of no return.


“Many residents across the County feel aggrieved and dismayed that Local Democracy is being undermined by the Welsh Labour Government and dismayed at the potential threat to our Greenfield sites. This was more than evident by the many who attended the meeting yesterday and who are pleased now that we are prepared to fight the Welsh Labour Government all the way.


“There is a real danger that this plan in its current form will also impact on our Natural Environment, our Welsh Language, Culture and Heritage.”


The meeting was attended by around 100 residents.