Local families to have housing priority

Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders AM called today for measures to be taken to protect vulnerable people in need of housing in North Wales from losing out to ex-offenders coming over from England.


Under the Priority Needs (Wales) Order 2001, persons described as have priority needs for housing include former prisoners who are homeless after being released.


Cllr Finch-Saunders AM called for the Welsh Government to review the Order. Talking to the Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage, she said:


“I am given to understand that this Order only applies in Wales, and has led to ex-offenders from England coming into North Wales because they will be given housing. This could take accommodation away from vulnerable people of North Wales who also need housing.


“Does the Minister think it right that ex-offenders from England are given the same priority as vulnerable people which include dependent children, people with a physical disability and victims of domestic violence?”


There are currently 60 local households in the Aberconwy constituency who have been found to be eligible for assistance and in priority need for housing. Twenty of these have dependent children, five include victims of domestic violence. Janet is calling for these local households to be the main priority for housing above any ex-offenders who move into the area from English council wards.


Janet has welcomed the opportunity to meet with the Minister to discuss this issue.