OAQ - TAN 1, Planning - 09-05-2018


Janet Finch-Saunders AM

In 2015, and despite the fact that 79 per cent of local authorities in Wales resisted amendments to TAN 1, your Government pursued a policy that fundamentally skews the way in which housing land supply and availability is calculated from past bill rates to a residual method. This is having a profound effect across Wales. In Aberconwy, for instance, what was an 8.5 year supply has now diminished to 3.1 years. Yet, there is no corresponding population or demographic change to support this. As a result, our planning officers, and indeed, our elected members, find it extremely difficult to meet the obligations of these targets, therein allowing free reign for developers to submit applications on sites outside of the LDP, and happy then to go on to appeal with your planning inspectorate. This policy will destroy our communities and makes an absolute mockery of the years and expense that local authorities have put into providing this Government with their copy LDP. Will you accept the implications of this guidance that you have implemented, and will you please reverse this policy at the first opportunity as part of your revision of planning policy going forward?


Lesley Griffiths AM

The Member will be aware that I'm out to consultation on Planning Policy Wales at the moment. It finishes a week on Friday, on the 18th. Aside of that, I have said that I will look at TAN 1, and I do expect to be making an announcement in the very near future. I hear your criticisms, and I've heard many criticisms of the methodology we use around TAN 1, but I'm still convinced that issues associated with non-delivery do lie in the plan-making process. So, I don't want to say anything today, but I am expecting advice from my officials, certainly this month, and I will be making an announcement.