Plaid Cymru and Labour’s Tourist Tax is a “Serious threat to the economy of Aberconwy”.

Exasperation over a deal between Plaid and Labour leading to a ‘Tourist Tax’ for Wales included in the Welsh Government draft budget, has been expressed by many concerned about the potential impact on the Aberconwy and north Wales economy.

Janet Finch-Saunders AM said:

“It is exasperating that Plaid and Labour could be so small minded as to look to cause even more problems for this industry.

“Tourism is of huge economic importance to Aberconwy. In fact, every single electoral ward in this constituency has businesses dependent on the tourist industry”.

Tourism in Wales contributes over £6.2billion to Welsh GDP and over 172,000 jobs

Janet continued:

“The platform for a booming tourist industry has been set for North Wales as it was named by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten regions in the world to visit this year.

“However, the Welsh Government, propped up by Plaid, needs to realise that our tourist industry has already been hit hard by the increase in rateable values: some hotels in Aberconwy having seen an increase of more than 80%, a problem the Welsh Government has compounded by offering a less substantial relief scheme than England.

“If Labour and Plaid actually succeed in introducing a ‘tourist tax’, it could seem to the rest of the world as if Wales is the part of the UK where they should not stay.

“This would be yet another serious threat to the economy of Aberconwy, and see the number of overnight trips to Wales from Great Britain decline from the 4.24 million we’ve seen between January and June 2017. Just think, if the tax is on accommodation, families wanting a holiday here could be better off staying across the border in England, and making day visits to Wales.”



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