AM Supports Committee Position on Marl Lane Application

Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Assembly Member for Aberconwy, has backed the position of Conwy County Borough Council’s Planning Committee to refuse an application to build 110 new homes in Deganwy/Llandudno Junction.


The Member cited responses from various bodies, including BCUHB, in justifying the decision of Councillors to refuse the application.


The Planning Committee sits again on Wednesday of this week.


Janet said:


“This will be the third time this application has been considered by the Committee, and I expect their original decision to stand.


“Whilst pressure has been put on Members by officers in relation to requirements under TAN 1, other TANs [Welsh Government Technical Advice Notes] should receive equal weighting – and some strong arguments having been put forward with regards to TAN 24 especially, as well as others.


“Given how contentious the methodology outlined by TAN 1 is locally, I certainly don’t feel that any preference should be given to this over and above any other guidance. Certainly, I have called on the Cabinet Secretary to revise TAN 1. [See previous release also.]


“The Health Board has noted in their response concerns in relation to the capacity of GP surgeries in the area, and given the ongoing GP crisis that we face currently, this really must be a matter that the Council takes very seriously.”


The Member has previously called on the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs to review guidance issued to local authorities through TAN 1 on the methodology used to calculate housing land supply.



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Letters from the AM to Conwy County Borough Council Planning Committee, and to the Cabinet Secretary, attached.


Note on TAN 24, and others, attached.







Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy): What consideration will the Cabinet Secretary give to amending TAN 1 to allow for use of the past building rates method in calculating housing land supply? (WAQ74200)

Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy): When will the Cabinet Secretary revise TAN 1 Section 7.5.1 to permit the consideration of alternative land supply methodologies? (WAQ74201)

Lesley Griffiths: As part of the revisions to TAN 1 in 2015, the use of the alternative methodology for calculating housing land supply, based on past build rates, was removed. This methodology was based on the past underperformance of the house-building industry and does not relate to delivery against the housing requirements established by Local Planning Authorities in their Local Development Plans to meet the needs of their communities.

Planning policy and guidance, including TAN 1, is kept under review.




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