Success for Snowdonia National Park

With Snowdonia National Park Authority facing a cash cliff edge which would have drastically changed the National Park, an extra  £1,858,540 million has been secured for Snowdonia.  This follows a strong campaign by Janet Finch-Saunders, Assembly Member for Aberconwy, to help reverse the threat of a half a million cut in funding by the Welsh Government.


Commenting on the promise of extra money, Janet said:


“For over four months I have been petitioning the Welsh Government on the urgent need to protect Snowdonia National Park’s future. Indeed, I drove the First Minister to the point in which he stated to me in September that funding decisions were still being considered and that it would be inappropriate form him to comment further.


“The Welsh Government was intending to cut the Authority’s budget to a level of money lower than 2001.


“The half a million cut could have seen paths on Snowdon left to decay; closure of all three information centres and public toilets; the end of the Sherpa bus; loss of staff; and serious questions about the financial robustness of the Authority.


“As a Member who has the honour of serving a significant section of the National Park I believed that it was my duty to defend its future and the best interest of my constituents.


“I warmly welcome the announcement that £1,858,540 million will be sent to Snowdonia as additional capital funding in 2019-20.


“More so, the effectiveness of my campaign is clear as the Welsh Government has stated that some of the money will be going towards addressing the potential consequences of unreasonable funding I outlined to them on numerous occasions, such as cessation of footpath repairs, closure of tourist attractions, and a failure to meet their own priorities for National Parks.


“It is just a shame that the situation ever reached the point in which I had to fight to shield Snowdonia from the serious financial threat posed by Welsh Labour Government’s spending plans”.






Letter to the First Minister 22 July 2019


Letter from the First Minister 13 August 2019


Letter to the First Minister 21 August 2019


Letter from the First Minister 12 September 2019




Valued and Resilient: The Welsh Government’s Priorities for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. For example, these include: ‘To encourage, provide for and manage responsible outdoor recreation opportunities is an important role for AONBs and a key remit for Park Authorities. Efforts need to focus on working towards the provision of fit for purpose places and facilities which are consistent in standard with the spectacular landscapes they serve’.


Business Statement on 9 July 2019


£4m funding boost for Wales’ National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty


AM Fighting for the Future for Snowdonia National Park


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